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Project Name: UBER Mission Bay

Project Description: The UBER Mission Bay MB-1 (North Building-LOT 33) project is located at 1455 3rd street and will be built in conjunction with the adjacent privately owned, publicly accessible open space and the office building (1515 3rd street). The project is primarily allocated as office space. In addition, future retail spaces and the future daycare center will be included at the ground floor, with access to a playground to the east in the adjacent open space. This submittal also includes the three pedestrian bridges which cross over pier point lane to connect the two structures. ​

De Haro Ramirez Group Scope: Structural concrete including Setting forms of pile caps, fire water pits, elevator pits, storage tanks, sump pits, structural slabs, curbs, stairs, Levels 2 through12 topping Slabs and curbs.

Project Location: 1455 & 1515 3rd Street San Francisco, CA 94158

General Contractor: Truebeck Construction

Owner: UBER