Structural Concrete Services

Whether it’s just a home, workplace, airport, bridge, rail track, there’s a heavy load rested on these structures daily.

De Haro Ramirez Group’s Structural Concrete Service aimed at delivering unbeatable structural concrete services that can withstand any amount of load or form a vital part of your structure. 


What We Do:

De Haro Ramirez Group’s Structural concrete services deliver the best structural constructions using only certified experts who follow the National Structural Concrete Specifications to ensure efficiency and facilitate your structures. We also follow all the guidance on structure tolerance and finishes to ensure our clients get the most elegant and adorable structures all around San Francisco and all the surrounding areas. 

We offer structural services for different construction projects including:

• Bridge Beams

• Cill Unites

• Abutment Units

• Culverts Units

• Arches

• Sea Defense Units

• Retaining Walls

• Ballast Walls

• Head Walls

• Underground Petroleum Tanks

• Bridge Units 

• Safety Barrier Systems

• Structural Waterproofing Systems

• Advanced Bridge Deck Waterproofing and more. 

How We Deliver Our Structural Concrete Services?

We offer precast and onsite structural construction services.


• Precast Structural Services

Our precast structural services involve casting concretes in a reusable mould or any customize forms and then transferring them to your construction site to lift into place. We highly recommend this service for a small construction project. Our precast structures are cast in a highly controlled environment for close monitoring to ensure quality and durability. 


• Onsite Structural Construction Service

Onsite structural construction service is highly recommended for large construction projects requiring high site maintenance and heavy lifting to ensure the safety of both cast and site workers which could be compromised during transportation as related to precast services. 

The De Haro Ramirez Group expert team have undertaken over 300 civil engineering projects, bridge works and highly fencing projects for our happy and satisfied clients.


We pride ourselves on our values and keep striving forward in new directions for sustainable systems and procedures. We have a vast experience in manufacturing and constructing vehicle restraint systems on bridges and highways including:

• Wire Rope Barriers

• Hybrid Impact Protection

• Steel Barriers

• Industrial Barriers and more. 


De Haro Ramirez Group is an approved installer of Eliminators which helps us undertake advanced bridge deck waterproofing system with unbeatable records over the years which will outlast your structures and give you reduced maintenance cost. Using Eliminators, you can engage in essential maintenance work without any disruption of routine. We strive to execute our contracts to a very high standard within your project time and in a friendly manner. This is why we remain the best structural constructors in the industry. 


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